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How to Weekly Meal Prep for a Picky Toddler?

When I had my first child, it was a smooth journey. My first baby never troubled us especially when it came to eating or sleeping. However, I faced some real challenges with my second child. He made sure I know the real meaning of patience, and tolerance aka motherhood.

But I got lucky again with my picky eater toddler due to Little Spoon by my side. My partner and I were relieved to see that he was finally eating something other than chicken nuggets!

I mean, it was natural of us to worry about his nutrition but we had never thought he would give us such a hard time! That’s where Little Spoon became our new best friend!

My neighbor introduced me to Little Spoon as she has faced similar problems with her toddler as well. So, when she told me to give it a shot? I said why not!

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